At Budzeg Technologies Inc., we believe that confidence in your information systems, cybersecurity and privacy arrangements are essential in today’s business landscape.

A lot of information and technology infrastructure and services are outsourced today… why should your CISO or CIO be different?

Olabode Olaoke

Majority of businesses use one SaaS/cloud service or the other to gain efficiency; having a virtual CISO is no different. The best resources don’t have to be dedicated; they can be shared.

It is challenging to be well rounded in Information and Technology Governance if your world view is limited to only one organisation, industry or country. A rich experience across multiple industries and countries using a hybrid of frameworks and standards with experience gathered over many years and several industries provide you a solid opportunity at succeeding with Information and Technology Governance.

Olabode Olaoke

Confidence means being aware of your business context, business needs and business risks. Being able to assess which threats could affect your business the most, and having the capability and capacity to deal with current and emerging issues and threats quickly and efficiently is a key asset in today’s world.

Doing so requires resource flexibility, competence, capacity and capability with the potential to challenge accepted norms. This is particularly challenging given the extent of information and technology governance experience, cybersecurity skills and capacity in most organisations.
Needless to say, most organisations struggle to do these effectively without losing focus on key business outcomes.

With Budzeg Technologies as your information systems partner, you’ll not only be able to leverage our experience and expertise but also our global perspectives – to protect what matters most to you, making the most of available resources and effectively leveraging the combined strengths of our partnership.

Outlined here are the six lenses of confidence that we see as essential to helping you embed cyber security and privacy at the very heart of your business, linked to our core service capabilities.